Whether you are an automotive enthusiast or looking for a fun driving experience, performance auto parts will put some extra ‘ka-pow’ in you ride – from air intakes to exhaust systems, to tuning chips which manipulate engine parameters for better fuel economy and power delivery.

Further ear-marked tweaks include suspension upgrades to make the car smoother on the road and on the track, plus stiffening chassis with strut braces to reduce body roll in the bends for a sense of greater control.

Increased Fuel Efficiency

If you have a fuel-injected vehicle, improved fuel mileage can be achieved by upgrades that allow more air into the motor (cold air intake systems, exhaust systems that reduce backpressure).

Other upgrading options that will improve your vehicle’s fuel economy are a performance tuning chip or programmer that optimises engine operations for maximum fuel economy, and an aftermarket air filter to improve engine breathing. High-performance suspension systems and brakes will enhance your vehicle’s on-road handling and stopping distances at higher speeds.

Any performance upgrades should be installed by an expert to ensure they are done correctly and do not void your warranty. An auto-mechanic who specialises in this type of work can ensure the upgrade is safe and that you do not endanger yourself or others.

Increased Horsepower and Torque

A lot of drivers say that swapping out the factory parts for aftermarket performance accoutrements – from air filters to exhausts, from coil birds to thrusters and gadgets and trinkets of all kinds – increases horsepower and torque, improves fuel economy, while enhancing the driving experience and saving money at the pump in the process.

You replace the car’s filter box (copious air is drawn in by car engines before combination with fuel and ignition), which will house a pipe that takes the less oxygen-deprived, colder air from outside the engine block and funnels it into the engine – more dense and cooler (the two ingredients required for greater combustion), offering a better burn and thus a better output in terms of horsepower and torque. The car will accelerate quicker, and will sound more boisterous and sharp (in tradespeak, ‘sportier’) as an autosportie earns his spurs.

Performance rotors and brake pads are another common upgrade that improve vehicle handling and stopping abilities while engines are in use, providing superior handling and stopping as well as helping drivers to attain superior braking while avoiding costly replacement costs in the future.

Improved Handling

Upgrades to performance (e.g. improved suspension or an engine re-map) will improve a vehicle’s ability to handle corners or may reduce body roll during cornering in inclement weather conditions or at high speeds, as well as when cornering itself at extreme speeds.

Upgraded parts such as a cold air intake will bring denser, cooler air to the engine, which aids combustion and thus enhances overall performance. Similarly, improved ignition can increase the rate of firing, with a quicker and more efficient firing of an engine.

Suppliers for parts that make up cars might have hundreds of choices available for customised performance upgrades for you to choose from. What is great about this is that you do not have to go everywhere just to find the part that you need. Furthermore, these kinds of suppliers will also have warranties and return policies to let you shop safely knowing that you have protection for your purchase.

Increased Resale Value

While you might associate performance parts with, say, a gearhead or a race car driver, a cold air intake system can help save you cash at the gas station by allowing your engine to operate at cooler temperatures for more effective use of fuel.

Newer trends have been aftermarket performance upgrades to pump up the horsepower or cat paw as one desires. Aftermarket constituents such as performance chips or exhaust systems improves the engine power, delivering a searing power longer.

Unless you’re happy to invest in some permanent and expensive modifications, this is where you need to consider costs in the context of your warranty. Reversible upgrades can also make your car appeal to a larger number of prospective buyers at the higher end of the market and therefore increase resale value.

More Advanced Technology

Performance upgrades are not a bad alternative for those who are not yet ready for an all-new vehicle or have already bought a new car, but still want to gain speed, performance, and improvement to their fuel economy as well as provide an enhancement to safety, comfort and other elements. This may help improve future cars.

There is a wide range of car performance parts available on the market like air intakes, exhaust systems, engine performance chips – all specially designed to optimise your engine and drivetrain performance. These accessories also give you the best performance while driving.

Regardless of which auto upgrade you decide to get, remember that parts do not all carry the same quality. Use household-name brands, and rely on professional installation so that you don’t burn out your vehicle or otherwise void the warranty that will come the best parts – you’ll help make sure it’s all compatible, reliable and safe to use.

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