Are you searching for ways to save money when purchasing auto parts? Consider shopping at an automotive salvage yard; these shops stock an expansive inventory that can fit on most vehicles.

Look for parts that can be assessed visually and/or require minimal labor to install. Some salvage yards offer warranties on their parts.


Fenders are the curved body panels that cover your car’s wheels and serve an important purpose: keeping rocks, mud, liquids and other debris from being kicked up by its tires. In addition, fenders often add visual interest by acting as decorative parts of its exterior design.

Most fenders are typically constructed of steel, though non-ferrous materials like fiberglass have also been used. The latter are less susceptible to corrosion while providing lower weight and a sleeker design.

When purchasing used fenders, it is essential that they are in excellent condition. Free of dents, cracks or any cosmetic damage, it should also fit your vehicle without issue – you can do this easily by cross-referencing its VIN with parts catalogue or asking salvage yard/seller to provide pictures as proof.


Car doors are an excellent place to begin your search for used auto parts. Car doors can often become damaged in accidents or simply worn down over time from use, making new versions too costly; used ones offer comparable quality while costing significantly less. Make sure that when purchasing used doors that they include the outer skin, frame, and metal window surround. LKQ Online boasts nationwide inventory and great reputation when it comes to providing replacement car doors.


Are You Searching for an R34 2JZ, 426 Hemi or 5.0 Coyote Engine? Salvage yards and machine shops may offer short blocks or complete engines at affordable prices; alternatively you could always try eBay – both are excellent sources for engines of this nature!

It’s essential that when purchasing used engines from reliable sources and verifying their advertised mileage accurately. Unfortunately, many third-party websites use generic pictures & sell identical engines multiple times over; so the odds of ending up with an engine with more miles on it than advertised are likely.

Find a shop with warranties; six month is ideal for peace of mind. Additionally, inquire whether they include engine sensors that will save money over time as an indication that their engineers treat engines with care.


Nothing frustrates customers more than ordering an auto part online and then discovering that it doesn’t fit or is damaged upon delivery – that is why it is vital to purchase from companies with an excellent track record for selling quality used parts.

Salvage yards and auto recyclers take great care in inspecting and testing all components they sell, so that when purchasing used transmission or engine from them you can have confidence that it will function correctly. Some even provide warranties or guarantees as additional peace of mind regarding your purchase.

When purchasing used auto parts, be mindful of images and mileage listed. If these do not match what is advertised in the ad, it could indicate that your used transmission may have been outsourced and may not perform as promised. Also ask whether there is any history to it at the junkyard.

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