Employing DIY car maintenance methods to save money is an excellent way to do just that, but you must have access to the appropriate tools.

This kit offers essential hand tools such as standard screwdrivers, a claw hammer and needle-nose pliers – plus it contains an extensive array of metric sockets, drivers and wrenches!

Breaker Bar

A breaker bar should be an indispensable tool in any garage. As its name implies, this long-handled tool provides more leverage than a socket wrench and loosens tight bolts and nuts that ordinary wrenches cannot undo. In addition, its long handle makes it ideal for situations when overtightening isn’t an issue such as working with spark plugs, lug nuts or building engines.

When selecting the ideal breaker bar for you, take into account both its drive size and length to reach hard-to-reach places. Some models feature swivelable heads while extensions may help reach hard spots more easily. Capro Tools offers an affordable 1/2″ drive breaker bar measuring 24″, made from hardened chrome vanadium steel for optimal strength with a 180deg rotating ratcheting head with spring loaded ball bearing to keep sockets secure – it is rated up to 1,855 ft-lbs of torque!

Impact Wrench

Impact wrenches can be invaluable tools in difficult situations, be they loosening stubborn lug nuts or breaking apart rusted bolts. Their tremendous torque (the force of rotation) can outwit conventional ratchets and breaker bars and quickly dismantle difficult structures.

Impact wrenches are powered by electric motors and come in both cordless and pneumatic models. Pneumatic versions require access to an air compressor while cordless versions plug directly into an electrical outlet and use rechargeable batteries for operation.

Most impact wrenches are engineered to operate regardless of resistance from fasteners, thus minimizing kickback (the sudden power transference from tool to user’s arm or wrist). This makes them much safer and more comfortable to use than traditional hand tools – ideal for home mechanics without extensive experience.


Tools play an essential role when it comes to DIY car repair. From resto-mod builds and cafe racer restoration, having high-quality tools at your fingertips can make the difference in efficiency and effectiveness of DIY repairs at home.

Pliers are essential tools for quickly and safely grasping objects in tight spaces, cutting wires and adjusting metal parts, pulling fuses/spark plugs out of tight spots and uncrewing bolts and screws.

When selecting pliers, ensure they have soft yet secure grips for optimum use in your hand, with soft but sturdy grips that fit securely in the palm of your hand. Also lubricate and clean regularly so as to extend their lifespan and performance. In addition to these essential tools, an automotive technician should carry various screwdrivers of various shapes and sizes such as basic flathead and Phillips head drivers as well as long short ones and those featuring Torx heads or hex heads – to cover every possible application and situation


With vehicles becoming more like computers than machines, electrical diagnostics has become an integral component of mechanics’ work. A multimeter can help quickly measure voltage and current to quickly identify problems to troubleshoot and resolve.

Consider both the size and range of measurements when purchasing a multimeter. A quality multimeter will also come equipped with test leads and holders that help expedite your work.

Multimeters come equipped with the ability to measure circuit voltage and resistance; more elaborate models offer additional electrical properties like capacitance, transistor gain, frequency, duty cycle inductance and continuity (which sounds a buzzer when detected). When searching for digital multimeters with auto-ranging functionality – especially helpful for newcomers to the automotive world – auto-ranging feature may save time by automatically dialing in each electronic measurement – particularly helpful if they’re newcomers to automotive world!

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