As people reach retirement age, their car insurance rates usually increase; however, maintaining an excellent driving record and opting for lower-cost vehicles can help to keep premiums under control.

Discounts for defensive driving courses and being accident free for years, bundling home, auto and renters insurance policies to save on premiums can further lower rates. USAA stands out as an excellent option for seniors thanks to its low average premiums and robust discounts for active-duty military members and retired government employees.

Cheap Coverage

Car insurers frequently offer senior drivers discounts based on their clean driving record. Completing a defensive driving course could lower your rate. Insurers might also take into account mileage and vehicle safety features; an elderly retiree no longer commuting could save by switching to pay-per-mile insurance instead of traditional coverage.

Other discounts might also be available, including loyalty and paperless billing discounts or waivers of total loss deductibles for total loss accidents. Some insurance providers also provide telematics options that monitor driving habits and reward safe behavior with lower premiums while increasing them when unsafe driving is detected.

Geico, Auto-Owners and State Farm are some of the highest rated auto insurers for seniors, offering low average rates for minimum coverage policies in most states. USAA also offers competitive prices to active-duty military and veterans; similarly Amica, Erie and Dairyland all provide affordable coverage with additional features such as roadside assistance, diminishing deductibles and accident forgiveness – among others.


Car insurance rates typically increase as we get older, and it’s essential that we understand how we can offset those increases. Some ways of saving include searching around for better offers, bundling home and auto policies together and installing safety features on your vehicle as well as enrolling in defensive driving courses.

State Farm, GEICO and Farmers all provide discounts to drivers aged 55 or over who complete an approved defensive driver course. These courses help seniors better understand how changes in hearing or vision, slower reflexes or medications can impact their driving, and how best to safely accommodate for these issues.

AARP offers its members car insurance at competitive premiums with numerous discounts, and unique coverage such as new car replacement and roadside assistance that isn’t offered elsewhere. USAA is another great choice with high customer service ratings and many available discounts.


Bundling car and home insurance policies is often an effective way to save money, however it is essential that before choosing one it be done with careful consideration given to premiums, coverage levels and digital tools of each policy in the bundle.

Seniors could reduce rate increases by taking a defensive driving course or changing their location or commute in order to qualify for cheaper auto insurance policies. Companies typically consider these factors when calculating rates; thus taking such steps could help offset rate hikes.

USAA stands out as an affordable auto insurance option for seniors with the highest customer satisfaction ratings among major providers. Their extensive network of local agents makes conducting business in person convenient. Other top providers include AARP, Esurance and State Farm who all offer competitive auto rates as well as flexible payment plans and discounts tailored specifically for senior drivers – as well as being highly rated by J.D. Power and Better Business Bureau respectively for financial strength and customer service ratings.

Customer Service

Many auto insurance providers provide excellent customer service, but it’s essential that you select one that can meet your unique needs. For instance, after an accident has taken place it would be useful if they offered 24/7 phone support and could provide estimates as to the time it will take them to process claims.

USAA can be an attractive option for seniors, offering competitive premiums with plenty of coverage and discounts – although unfortunately only available to retired veterans or active-duty military members.

AARP is another excellent choice, offering exceptional customer service and numerous coverage options tailored to seniors. Plus, its unique RecoverCare program helps seniors recover after accidents by offering transportation, dog walking, cleaning and lawn mowing.

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