Review of Jaguar XF

Jaguar XF is really a great car with class, speed, comfort, and most importantly a journey full of entertainment. You get a sense of pride that radiates from the heart of every Jaguar XF that leaves the lot. At least once you get a chance to drive one you will know why they are so hot. It has all the attributes a driver could ask for in a car, and even more than many of its competitors.

We drove the Jaguar XF and found it to be a nice ride with excellent handling. The Jaguar XF is one of the smallest production cars, but at the same time, it is a powerful ride. From our experience, the Jaguar XF has a personality of its own and seems to exude a sort of attitude towards life that you cannot readily put your finger on. Regardless of whether you drive a Jaguar XF or any other car, it is always worth having a rear view mirror installed on your vehicle for your own safety.

The Jaguar XF had a nice cabin with controls that were easy to use and operated with a pleasing sense of fluidity. Despite being a four door sedan, the XF felt larger and had better air flow than many vehicles in the same class. The interior of the Jaguar XF had a clean and upscale look, which would be an improvement over many cars in its price range.

Driving the Jaguar XF proved to be comfortable and entertaining despite its size and power. The engineers at Jaguar have certainly put a lot of effort and care into creating an automobile that holds everyone’s attention from start to finish. From the start of our drive we could tell that the car would feel and sound extremely well built and well designed, with great cabin design and materials throughout. From its classy black and polished trim to the powerful engine that runs under the hood, the Jaguar XF sedan really does set a class above the rest of its class.

From the time we entered the test, we could easily see that the biggest difference between this model year Jaguar XF and previous years was in the form of power. Though smaller in scale compared to the outgoing models, the new Jaguar XF sedan definitely has enough power to impress even the most seasoned of automotive fanatics. With a variety of power sources – from the gasoline powered J series to a plug in hybrid drive – the new Jaguar XF definitely makes an excellent choice if you are looking for a powerful automobile with an impressive profile.

Another positive factor of the new Jaguar XF sedan is its remarkable fuel efficiency, which is remarkable when you consider how small it is. Even though the engine produces more power than its older siblings, the new generation of Jaguar XF gets an extraordinary fuel consumption rating of only 11.3 l/min. This is just below the front wheel gasoline models of the past, and bests the models of the past four years. In fact, the diesel-powered XF gets better fuel mileage than any other Jaguar model year ago except for the Jaguar E series. For buyers who want to purchase a car with excellent performance, the diesel-powered XF should be on top of your list.

Up until recently, the only known model of Jaguar XF was the gasoline-powered C-Xerry. The newest model, the xfr-s receives great reviews for its excellent handling and overall ride. Although slightly larger in size, the xfr-s still manages to fit into most spaces. Despite being heavier than its predecessors, the xfr-s is not as difficult to control as its bigger brother. The lightweight platform makes it easier to maneuver the large vehicle around town and on rough terrain.

The xfr-s offers a five-star crash test rating, which is one notch better than the C-Xerry. It also scores better on the walkway and parking applications. The Jaguar XF’s design is very impressive, especially the kidney grille, which features two small lights alongside the trademark “Jaguar” headlamp. However, the best thing about the Jaguar XF is that it performs like no other Jaguar car out there. When buying any Jaguar car, you always want to get a vehicle with a proven track record, and the xfr-s clearly shows that it has what it takes to win.