Honda NSX – redefining sports cars forever!

The new Honda NSX makes many people go wow when they see it for the first time. It is the brand of supercar that looks and feels like a race car. Honda has really made an impression with this car and with it’s styling, performance and great price tag, it is not a surprise that it is getting so much attention. This car is not for the faint of heart nor is it for those who are too scared to ride high above the ground. It is definitely a car that needs to be experienced to be fully understood.

Honda NSX – Supercar styling, performance and technology is nothing new for Honda, as they have been building fantastic vehicles for over 50 years. The new Honda NSX is a modern supercar that packs a punch, a full-face sedan that sport an aggressive, sleek look. This vehicle is the second release of Honda’s award winning V-Tuned Honda NSX, and it is set to take the World by storm. With the aggressive styling of the Honda NSX, it has the ability to set trends in the luxury compact segment. Where the first introduction came only with limited ability to a mass market segment of car known mainly for aerodynamics, the second coming in near mint condition, a full-face sedan with electric motors, is a first for a brand.

There are a couple of major differences between this Honda NSX and the Honda NSX that will make it stand out from the rest. The Honda NSX features Honda’s Corcell Technology with two power plants: a conventional gasoline engine and an electric motor. The gasoline engine is mated to a transmission with paddle shift transmissions. Other features include:

One of the most noticeable features of the Honda NSX electric vehicle is its futuristic, set-up based on futuristic styling. For example, instead of being limited to rear wheel drive, it can now use the foot-operated clutch pedal. Honda says this new innovation on the foot-operated clutch pedal allows users to shift gears faster than ever before. The ride is also set to be mind-blowing with a low drag stance and a very strong set-up.

Honda has certainly come up with something special, as the Honda NSX has received a flying start with its launch. The Honda NSX uses Honda’s twin-turbo V-EX power plant, developing more power output than the Honda Civic’s base model. With a goal to produce the fastest Honda Civic ever, the Honda NSX has been equipped with a much larger battery. The bigger battery helps increase the Honda NSX’s fuel efficiency and thereby setting it apart from its two smaller electric motor competitors.

One of the main reasons why the Honda NSX has set the automotive world alight is its all-electric powertrain system, which makes it different from its two main rivals. The other big Honda car that has adopted a hybrid powertrain system is the Toyota Prius, but the Honda NSX goes a step further in terms of incorporating a truly hybrid powertrain system. The biggest motivation for the Honda NSX is that it wants to set itself apart from its old and clunky siblings, and the all-new, lightweight, aerodynamic and stretched out body style definitely helps achieve this goal. Moreover, the styling of the Honda NSX makes it look a lot more aggressive and futuristic, which is definitely a good thing in light of the fact that it is set to challenge the established and much beloved Jaguar cars.

However, just like the Honda Civic, the all-new Honda NSX incorporates a standard version of the eight-cylinder gasoline engine, but adds a small gasoline engine of the Honda Civic hybrid powertrain. Honda claims the extra gasoline power was necessary to allow the Civic’s small engine to compete with the other large cars on the road today. In fact, the NSX actually weighs more than the smaller-sized Civic, despite being of the same height and weight. This extra weight results in a reduction in the Civic’s handling performance and passenger handling. However, on the flip side, the extra muscle that the Honda NSX adds to its already muscular design makes it more handling friendly than the Civic ever was.

One of the most unique features of the new Honda NSX is its quiet mode, or what some experts call the sports car’s hypersonic sound wave. Honda claims this feature provides more control over the vehicle while at the same time allowing more aerodynamic efficiency at the same time. The extra space that the Honda NSX frees allows the engineers to incorporate a larger air filter, which improves the horsepower and lower the fuel consumption of the Honda NSX. But perhaps the best reason why the Honda NSX can now be classified as a sport car is that it boasts the most advanced and technologically advanced dual clutch system.