The Complete Guide to Honda Powersports

Over the years, Hondas have established themselves as some of the most desirable motorcycle manufacturers in the world. With the advent of newer Honda models, consumers everywhere have taken notice. From a humble beginning in the 1950’s in small races and track day competitions across America, the company has quickly become one of the most recognizable motorcycle brands in the United States. Under the banner of Honda Powersports division, all things considered, going back over the years to their Top 15 most popular models, everything from scooters, dirt bikes, sports bikes and cruisers to jet skis and motorcycles have been sold. And with the continued innovation and creativity on the part of Honda, absolutely everything can now be found under the Honda brand name. So it goes without saying that any Honda Powersports bike is a good choice.

With so many choices, you’re sure to find a Honda Powersports bike that will meet your needs and tastes. For instance, if you are looking for something light, then you should definitely consider the Honda Excursion. This is a small bike that’s good for day to day commuting as well as other light duty recreational tasks. And while you’re at it, why not take a ride on a Honda Ridgeline.

Since 2021, the Honda Africa Twin has been bringing class to motorcycles everywhere. In fact, it’s been so good that it’s almost been given a Second title in addition to its previous accolades. The Africa Twin is one of the most complete motorcycles in the Honda motorcycle industry. It features a powerful motor, plenty of power, lightweight construction, and a sleek design that makes it a top contender with other powerplants. Check out the list below of reasons why the Honda Africa Twin should be added to your ‘bike collection.’

*GHB: When it comes to performance motorcycles, the Honda Africa Twin easily outpaces any other model. The powerful Honda engine can run on a number of different fuels, making the choices available wide-ranging between gasoline and nitro. Add to that the easy availability of aftermarket parts like exhausts, seats, and clutches, and it’s easy to see why the GHB is one of the most popular authorized honda powersports dealer options on the market today. If you want to upgrade your bike for better performance, this is the best way to go.

*CRF450R: The CRF 450R is a versatile motorcycle that’s great for anyone who wants more from his or her favorite dirt bikes. This powerful bike is lighter and much more fuel efficient than the original CRF series, and offers more tuning options as well. If you want something unique, or want to customize your current bike, this is the best option for you. Check out the recommended list of authorized Honda powersports partners below to find the right powerplant for your needs.

*RC213V-S: If you’re in the market for something powerful, fast, and even a little futuristic, the RC213V-S might be what you’re looking for. Honda’s new lightweight, mid-range machine is surprisingly adept for its class, and has proven to be an excellent choice for a variety of professional riders. Offering top speed and a sporty feel, the new Honda RC213V-S makes it easy to get into any kind of terrain with ease. Plus, its off-road ability allows it to handle well in wet or muddy conditions, while its lightweight make it easy to maneuver.

*ccbag 900rr: A powerful little machine, the ccbag 900rr is one of the more exciting Honda offerings. Offering top speed and plenty of power, the ccbag is the perfect motorcycle for anyone who wants to ride dirt bikes or other high-performance machinery. For those who simply want to go fast, though, the ccbag is probably perfect for beginners and intermediate riders. With a simple setup and straightforward design, this lightweight machine is perfect for anyone. In addition to being fun and fast, it’s also very affordable, making it a great fit for almost any budget.

Although every Honda powerbike is different, these are the most common available options. Each has its own unique personality and story to tell, which is why many serious riders will always choose one brand over another. Even if you just want to feel a little faster or take your sport to another level, you’ll find the perfect match for your needs. Whatever you’re looking for, there’s a great machine out there for you. Whether you’re looking for an RC car or a powerful motorcycle, you’ll be able to find it in Honda powersports.