Bike insurance provides financial protection in case your bike is damaged, lost, or stolen – up to its insured sum for a small premium amount.

Consider purchasing an insurance policy with add-ons for enhanced coverage experience, such as engine protector cover which lowers insurance premiums by covering repairs caused by water ingress and oil leakage.

Easy comparison

One of the greatest advantages of purchasing bike insurance online is being able to easily compare plans and select one that best meets your needs. Factors to keep in mind include coverage, inclusions and exclusions as well as how it saves money by bypassing commission payments to insurance agents.

Costs associated with bike insurance depend on a range of factors, including engine size (cc), cover selected, age and riding experience as well as any additional modifications or cosmetic alterations that increase costs; also consider renewing or purchasing new policies; these factors all impact premium costs.

To maximize the return from your policy, it is crucial that you select an extensive plan and renew it on time. Furthermore, look out for NCB discounts of up to 50% as this may decrease your own-damage premium costs significantly.

Instant policy issuance

Online bike insurance purchases offer greater transparency compared to offline insurance processes where agents could mislead you into making poor choices. When renewing, policies arrive instantly in your mailbox making the entire buying and renewal process much more transparent than those undertaken offline, where agents could misguide or take advantage of you.

Insurance providers typically offer add-ons that can increase the value of your bike after an incident has been claimed for, including return-to-invoice coverage, engine protect cover and garage cash; all available at an additional premium cost. They may also provide voluntary deductible options or discounts when used with anti-theft devices.

Engine capacity of your bike is one of the primary determinants of its premium cost. Claims-related premium increases will affect you directly; if your previous year went claim-free however, a No Claim Bonus (NCB) discount could apply towards future policy premiums – with each consecutive claim-free year offering you additional savings off future policies.

No claim bonus

No-claim bonuses (NCBs) in bike insurance provide discounts of up to 50% each year you go without filing claims – with each claim-free year, the discount increases gradually and could even reach 100% by renewal time! It is important to remember, though, that even one claim could offset this benefit and result in higher premiums than originally planned when renewing your policy.

At renewal time, your NCB will be subtracted from the total premium amount. It may be possible to transfer this credit if you change providers; a certificate or document from them would be needed as evidence.

NCB discounts apply only to the own damage section of a policy and may offer considerable savings. However, they cannot be transferred if you sell and subsequently purchase another bike.

Cashless claims

Bike owners who purchase bike insurance online will experience an efficient, smooth, and seamless claim settlement process when filing claims against their policy. In case of accidents or damage, cashless claims are also available at authorized network garages where cashless claims can be filed cashless without issue being processed through insurance providers; all repair invoices covered under their policy are verified before being covered for repairs; any additional charges related to accessories or modifications remain the responsibility of policyholders.

Each insurer works with an established network of authorized garages to offer cashless claim settlement facilities for two-wheeler insurance policies. Your insurer will cover repair costs directly with them and settle their bill directly.

Online two-wheeler insurance policies give you the flexibility to modify add-on covers as needed and select a plan duration that meets your requirements. Furthermore, switching insurers if better quotes become available during renewal is possible and all processes are real time to prevent any gaps in coverage from arising.

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